Set Up Fees

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For each program created in the Setting section of the ISP Cloud dashboard, multiple fees can be assigned, so it reduces manual entry of fees when creating an invoice. Fees need to set up once per year, or they can be copied from the existing free from a previous year, and then adjusted accordingly.


To add new fees for an existing program, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Fees
  • From the Program drop-down, select the desired program to proceed
  • Double-click in the column Fee Name to add a new fee, and assign the name you want.
  • Hit Enter on your keyboard or click outside the box you have used for the name; you can do so anywhere on the blue line of the selected row.


  • The program code will automatically be assigned to the item(s) added based on the program selected initially.
  • Set up the fee price by filling in the cost of the fee. The $ sign is automatically assigned to the fees, and the formatting of the cost is also automatic. Please use only numbers when adding a cost.
  • Next, select the fee type from the available drop-down:
    • Month
    • Year
    • Week
    • One-time
  • Make sure you check in the Tuition Fee column the item(s) you want to eb calculated as tuition. This type of marking is used later on by ISP Cloud when calculating agent commission.

At any given time you can update a fee name, cost, or simply remove all data by clicking the delete button available.

On the Fees tab there is also a button called Copy Program Fees. When you click this button, it gives you the option to set up the fees for the current school year, based on any other school year available. For example for the year 18-19, you can choose to set up the fees from 17-18.